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Pristine Endodontics


Pristine Endodontics - Microscopic Endodontics and Microsurgery

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Our Vision and Core Values

At Pristine Endodontics, our mission is simple: To provide you with the best root canal treatment in the most kind and compassionate atmosphere!

We strive hard to make your experience at Pristine Endodontics truly exceptional! That is why our motto has been "Making Our Way Endo Your Heart!"

Please read our testimonials to see what our patients have to say and come in to experience it for yourself! 

Patient Reviews

I recently had a root canal done by Dr. Deshpande and would give Pristine Endodontics a 5 Star rating. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted and served by a friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff. I was extremely apprehensive and stressed about the procedure, but Dr. Deshpande’s calming mannerism and encouraging words helped to calm my nerves. The procedure went well and I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Deshpande is exceptional and I highly recommend her. I appreciate the excellent care I received from her and her staff!

Brenda S

I was referred by my Dentist to Pristine and Dr. Anu for a “root canal”. She took the time on my visit and did her own review and she said “maybe it’s not your’s something else muscle related”....she was correct. My point is that this Dr. took her time to understand and do what is right for the patient and this is all one could ever ask for. My follow up yesterday was a total of 5 minutes and no charge/no treatment needed. She is a blessing. I know if I ever do need oral surgery, I know where to go and who to see.

Ray H.

While visiting my family for the holidays I found out that I needed an immediate root canal. Pristine Endodontics was able to perform the operation the next day. I have had several root canals in the past at various different offices and my experience at Pristine has so far been the best. Dr. Deshpande is exceptionally kind and proficient. Despite my roots curling at the end of this tooth, she was still able to perform the operation in the same day with minimal pain. Although there are other Endodonist closer by, my experience was so good that Pristine is now my preferred Endodontist and I am willing to drive out of my way for her treatment.

Justin Simpson

One day before an extended trip out of the country, I found out that I needed 2 root canals! What a shock to me, but I found Dr. Anu and her amazing staff and they could not have been more accommodating. I still don't like root canals but if I ever needed one or if anyone needed one I would definitely refer Dr. Anu. You made a horrible experience less traumatic. Kudos to her and staff.

Carole Phillips

My dentist made an appointment for a root canal with Dr. Anu. I have heard many horror stories about root canals, even from my husband. Even so I knew I had to have this procedure. Luckily, Dr. Anu was wonderful. No horror story here. She was very calm and reassuring. After, the only pain med I needed was a Tylenol. I was told the office would call on Monday as they were going to be closed for four days and to call Dr Anu directly if I had a problem. But first thing the next morning Dr. Anu called me! I told her I was doing great! Thank you Dr Anu and your wonderful staff for your very friendly and courteous treatment.

Marilyn Day

Thank you for such a wonderful experience! Took a little more anesthesia than expected to get that nerve to cooperate, but patience paid off! I would highly recommend Dr. Anu. She is professional, and she cares for the patients. The view of the river is soothing and puts you at ease. The dental assistants are amazing as well. This was an all-around wonderful experience. And the music even had me tapping my toe! :-)

Raymond B.

Dr. Anu and staff. Thank you so much for the kind and compassionate way you take care of your patients. Having never had a root canal before, I was very nervous. However, you and your staff made me feel as if I was your only patient and that only I mattered. I have been raving to every and anyone that you are the place to go for this procedure. Thank you! Jerri O'Keefe


Dr. Anu. I wanted to thank you for the best experience I have had at any dentist. I was not looking forward to having a root canal but you made it painless. Also you have a wonderful staff, they were very friendly and courteous. Thank you.

David B

I had an abscess molar & had to have a root canal. Thankfully my dentist referred me to Dr. Anu & I am SO grateful that he did! I was terrified at the thought of having a root canal, but the wonderful caring staff & Dr. Anu put me completely at ease. The abscess was treated & the root canal completed. There was no pain associated with the procedure. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Anu's practice to anyone in need of this procedure.

Elizabeth H.

I returned today to have my 2nd root canal. Dr. Anu gave me my 1st root canal and I recognize a good dentist right away...I am in my 7th decade so I have been to many dentists! In every aspect of her practice, her dentistry, her staff, her office and the way she interacts with her patients...WOW...she is wonderful and I recommend her highly! Thank you Dr. Anu

Barbara Ogden

This was my first root canal and I had lots of anxiety over it. I have to say Dr. Anu Deshpande and her staff were all wonderful. They had alot of patience with me from the beginning. I did not feel any pain during the procedure and the doctor continued to ask me how I was doing throughout. I was told I may have discomfort for a few days after the root canal and to my amazement once the novacaine wore off, I did not have one bit of discomfort. I am so grateful to have been in the hands of Dr. Anu Deshpande. Thank you all for your patience!

Lorri Vetrano

Dr. Anu, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great experience yesterday. I hate going to the dentist because of previous experiences; however, my experience yesterday was excellent. Kelly, Angie, Cassadee, and Chelsea were professional, courteous, and kind. They answered all of my questions without hesitation and assured of a pain free visit. If only the rest of the dental world had a staff like yours, people might not be so hesitant on going to the dentist. Finally Dr. Anu, your experience, knowledge, and caring provided me a great experience that was very quick so THANK YOU to you as well. I know I can be a bit of a pain and hard to work on sometimes; I hope I wasn’t a “hard case” to deal with. I will gladly be mentioning your office to everybody I hear talking about needing work done


Very impressed with Dr Anu and the staff - it made the visit much easier and I left with a smile! Thank You

Karen Dillen

I have had some horrible experiences with dentists in the past, to the point I dread going in for normal work. When I was told I needed a root canal I was expecting it to be bad, partially due to others telling me how painful it would be and partially because of past offices. Frankie and Chelsea, at the front desk, were very patient in answering my questions and concerns while making my appointment. Dr Anu and her staff immediately put me at ease with sincere smiles and a clean, relaxing atmosphere (with an awesome view of the harbor). Dr Anu did a fantastic job numbing the area that needed work, talked me through every step of the procedure, took several x-rays to make sure she didn't miss anything while she was working, as well as altering some of the equipment to make me more comfortable. As I was leaving, I was given a phone number to contact Dr Anu directly in case there were any issues. Knowing that she cares enough to hear about problems directly from her patients made me feel confident that I would not be left waiting for relief if I had difficulties after the feeling in my mouth returned. I will be suggesting this office to anyone who needs the type of specialized care they offer.

Nova R.

Meet the big baby. My doctor sent me to Dr. Anu and thank the heavens. I am really scared of dentist. This is the most compassionate & friendly staff in my 70 years that I have ever met. I also worked in a doctors office so I do know. If you choose Dr. Anu you will not be disappointed, her work is superior.

Patricia Boyce

Unfortunately this was not my first root canal procedure but if you need one done this is the place to go. Dr. Anu and her staff are not only very professional but personable and friendly as well. They put you at ease and explain everything in detail in a pleasant manner. You can tell they all work as a team and there is great communication among the staff. For going to a dentist It was a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Anu for any endo work needed.

Dr. Paul Lombardi

I arrived at Pristine Endodontics with the worst toothache of my life. I was immediately greeted by the staff who assured me that they would take great care of me and they did. Dr. Anu Deshpande provided me with the step-by-step explanation of the procedure. I was made to feel as though I were there most important patient ever. When the procedure was complete I was hardly in any pain at all. I received several follow-up phone calls before my next visit and I was treated just as kindly as my follow-up. This was by far the best experience at a dental office I've ever had.

Jeff P

I had to bring my son in for a root canal. He was very apprehensive about going in, but the girls in the front office area, Frankie and Chelsea, and Dr. Anu made him very comfortable. The girls were both very friendly and helpful and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend anyone that needs work done, to schedule with Dr. Anu.

Ron B.

I had never had a root canal done before, and dentists are not my favorite, so I was somewhat leery about having one done. I had three referrals from my dentist and I looked at the patient comments, of which Dr. Deshpande had quite a few positive ones. I had my root canal done today by her and I have to say, all the comments were very accurate. Right away she exudes an air of gentle competence and made me feel that I was in good hands. I was extremely pleased with her and the entire staff of assistants. She really is hugely competent and has a gentle calm demeanor. I wish she did other types of dental work. I would only see her if she did. A big thank you to her and her staff.

Trish S

I am from Michigan. I was in Orlando on business. Had bad tooth ache.Dr. Charles Arias looked at my tooth and said root canal was necessary and referred me to Dr. Anu Deshpande. What a lucky break for me. Dr, Deshpande got me in right away and did root canal on 2-6-12. Perfect results. I will fly back to orlando for second visit on 2-27-12 as it is worth it for me to see the best. Dr. Deshpande and Frankie have great positive attitudes and are very professional and competent. I highly recommend Dr. Deshpande and her staff. Jack Noren

Jack Noren

I cannot tell you what a great experience I had last week when I thought that after a very long weekend of the worst toothache I have ever experienced in my life what a relief it was to walk into this dentist office. I was met with the sweetest smile I have ever seen on a woman. It was Frankie. She saw the kind of pain I was in and could ot have done more for me. Dr. Anu looked at my tooth and we knew it could not be saved. Frankie found a oral surgeon that day one hour after I had arrived there. This was already 3 in the afternoon. She took the time to call til she found someone who could put me out of pain. God bless her...way beyond how any one has ever treated me. The following day, the Dr. as well as Frankie called to be sure I was o.k. I never heard from the oral surgeon. If ever you want to be treated with the utmost respect and care, you have come to the right place. AAAAA I would give it more stars if there were more to give. Thank you again. Sincerely blessed to have walked in, Sue Clark

Loretta (Sue) Clark

I was experiencing a great amount of pain in a tooth and was trying to schedule a root canal as soon as possible. My dentist office made a call to this wonderful office and they squeezed me in right before they closed and did a great job at that. My last root canal was terribly long and somewhat painful. Anu Deshpande was very fast and did an amazing job without any pain! I couldn't be happier with my experience.

Morgan Coleman

There are not enough great things to say about Dr Deshpande and Frankie! Right from the start, I was treated with courtesy and kindness. My Dentist could not come in on their day off. I have never been to Dr. Deshpande's office, right from the start Frankie treated me like I have been going there for years. Dr Deshpande took time from her family on her day off, to come in to the office to see me. After the Dr figured out the problem, she could have easily left the office to be with her family. Not here! The Dr answered all my questions and took her time explaining evertything to me!! Unbelievable service! I have never been to another Dr who took so much time to talk to me about the issues I was having, on their day off. I am so impressed with this Office! Thank you all again, more companies should learn the customer service skills you provided!!

Chris S

I had never had a root canal done before, and dentists are not my favorite, so I was somewhat leery about having one done. I had three referrals from my dentist and I looked at the patient comments, of which Dr. Deshpande had quite a few positive ones. I had my root canal done today by her and I have to say, all the comments were very accurate. Right away she exudes an air of gentle competence and made me feel that I was in good hands. I was extremely pleased with her and the entire staff of assistants. She really is hugely competent and has a gentle calm demeanor. I wish she did other types of dental work. I would only see her if she did. A big thank you to her and her staff.

Trish S

I was referred to Dr. Anu because of a poorly-formed crown made by my (former) dentist, which resulted in my being unable to chew on one side of my mouth. After a pain-free root canal, Dr. Anu carefully reshaped the crown so that I could actually chew on that side. She is the most patient and caring health-care professional I have ever known. Frankie is great as well - always welcoming and friendly. I am truly grateful to Dr. Anu and her staff for helping me through a difficult time.

Barbara G